Catacomb Crawl

Our Adventurers begin working down Ironside’s chore list, starting with locating the Sword of Alliah. This quest brings them deep beneath the roads of Calrunia into ancient Elven catacombs. The Adventurers run into Nicosenye, the saffron monk, who informs them of sword’s power and its ability as a ‘key’. He leaves the mystery of what the sword opens before vanishing.

The Adventurers continue around the forsaken hallways of the catacombs and encounter a Kuo-Toa (“Stan”) riding a giant Komodo dragon. The battle is somewhat reluctantly fought—our Adventurers feeling out their loyalties to one another and to their quest. The Adventurers’ victory is short lived as a band of goblins appear through the next door. Blood now churning through our Adventurer’s veins, the goblins are quickly disposed. Both the Kuo-Toa and the goblins bear a red arm band.

Our Adventurers walk through a spacious, albeit musky, room. Four large pillars stand in the room each bearing a manicured strip of moss on the same side. Upon investigation the moss is fresh, druidic, and of the same strain as that found in the lands of the Druids that make their home in Calrunia.

Through a vast archway the Adventurers find the home of a Druid. The inside of this wooded nest is lit with a bio-fluorescence (natural for Druidic homes) and the Adventurers find materials of the same make as the armbands of their former adversaries. The owner of the home has yet to appear…



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