You know what happens when you assume….

We find our Adventure Ladies back at the tavern contemplating how to proceed with the investigation of Sophie Talbot’s murder when what little halfling should return to the fold, but Roscoe. He proudly tells our ladies all that he’s learned from his extensive research at the library. Nicosenye, he Marvel’s, is human but hundreds of years old and unfathomably powerful. Calrunia, he expounds, is tenuously at peace thanks to Ironside’s diplomacy with foreign elves and mob syndicates!

Our three Adventure Ladies turn to one another: Jaquil stone faced, Navaira ready to spell out that they knew all this from lived experience and perhaps would know more of Roscoe had been around to continue their quests, and Sezim visibly chuckling. The three detail the murder of Sophie and all brainstorm next steps in the investigation. Finally the party decides they must look into the constable that told Talbot that Sophie’s death was a via carriage run in rather than defenestration. This constable’s name is Balthazar.

On the way to the constabulary Sezim asks whether or not they have a plan of what to say once they meet this man. The party says, chill out, we’re good at thinking on our feet….collectively we have 8 feet, and that’s a lot of thinking. Our Adventurers show up at the constabulary and request audience with Balthazar. Beat cops Toni and Esteban immediately proceed heckling, “Balthazar? What could you scrubs possibly need with the head investigator?” And etc.

Just then a large buzzcut man with a villain scar over a deadeye walks in and apologizes for his men’s ill manners. The party errupts in laughter. Could the mysterious universe truly throw them this obviously shady figure and still require they further investigate into his obviously shady dealings with mobs and murders? Surely the universe wouldn’t be so forthcoming with clues.

After laughing in this man’s face for over a minute the party realizes that they don’t have any questions or constructive conversation for this man and instead of tipping him off of their suspicions of him, the make a hasty exit. For the next two days our Adventurers execute a thourough and well planned stealth operation wherein they puck thru the villain scarred man’s house and office and trailing him for hours looking for clues and mob connections. He comes out clean as a whistle, in fact if the whistle were any cleaner it would be invisible, they are at a loss.

Navaira, in the form of a brown door mouse is finishing her second sweep of the constabulary when she overhears the villain scarred man address someone of interest. Surely she misheard but, she could have sworn the unscarred man was addressed as Balthazar! She hitches a ride on his coat.

This scarred man is the best undercover mob man in history, or the Adventurers made a mistake; either way they have no lead and Navaira still hasn’t returned. In a move that surprises even herself Sezim suggests they ask Ironside for his help. At the Keep the party opts for 100% transparency and informs old Copperback Military Position that they are attempting to understand Balthazar’s falsification of the means of Sophie’s death.

Ironside informs them, with his usual patience, that the party should be able to find Balthazar through talking to Colonel Silman, the head of the constabulary. Silman is easy enough to spot, says Military Position, he’s got a big ol scar all up on his unnerving deadeye. The party takes in this information silently before the cogs in their rains click into place: they have been stalking the wrong man. There are general groans of displeasure, one Adventurer may or may not roll into a full tantrum. They ask Ironside to write them an official letter permitting them to act as investigators on this case. This case is deeper and more important than Ironside thought and he happily writes them an official pass. Jaquil and Sezim feel dirty operating in so official a capacity.

The Adventurers thank Ironside for his help through teeth gritted in frustration and return to the constabulary. They want to see Balthazar, no more games. The Colonel doesn’t know what that means, but he offers Balthazar’s work schedule and oh there he is right now! Balthazar is a stoic man with a goatee. The Adventurers throw their official investigator status around and Balthazar recounts the night of the murder, and offers to let them speak with the carriage driver responsible.

The carriage driver, Cova, is a small man with copper hair and grey eyes. He admits to the deed immediately. When asked the particulars he recites them with a little too much practice. This is when our young Tealeaf springs to action with surprising moxy, “who’s paying you?” he asks the jailed man. After a little tough guy hack and forth the jailed man admits that yes this is a mob job, but the Adventurers aren’t going to get far with Balthazar. They have to go to the top, they have to meet with the Matriarch.

Jaquil immediately places the Matriarch as the leader of mob Clansteel and the investigation is back underway. The party decides to seek the Matriarch thru her business in back alley casinos, but first they’ll need money and disguises, so back to Ironside’s Keep they go.



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