Name: Rothilium

Appearance: He is an elf of some age, though not terribly old by elven standards. He is tall with shoulder-length black hair and a dark countenance on his otherwise pale face.

At a Glimpse: From his posture alone, it is clear that Rothilium is severe and uncompromising. He is a magic user and a druid though he dabbles in alchemy as well.

Note: Racist against humans. Despises Nicosenye.


He is one of 4 “siblings”—elves that carry themselves as high elves when they have no such lineage. He and his siblings wish to return balance to nature by undercutting the power of the humans and reviving nature.

He and his siblings seem to control the underground city below Calrunia, or at least be privy to its secrets and therefore feel territorially toward it.


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