Druidic half-elf with a chip on her shoulder


Name: Sezim (S-zeem)

Age: never as old or as young as she appears

Race & Class: Half-elf Druid

Build: 5’4’’ /small but sturdy /Black hair and eyes

At a Glimpse: Sezim is a shallow featured half-elf with a stony expression. She wears a mid-calf length tunic with thick cuffs and a high neck and matching puff pants. She rides a stocky brown horse, the pointed toes of her boots poke through the stirrups. The pointed tip of her fur-lined hat bobs as she rides. She is a creature of the steppes. You might be wise to keep your eyes down, she always seems to be looking for a fight.


That’s on a need to know basis. ;)


Calrunia VJames