Welcome to Calrunia

After the Orc Legion was finally pushed back from the Ghâdian frontier, It took another 30 years to reclaim the lands of the nations of Salongo and Ghad. During this time Calrunia, the former site of an Ancient Elven City, has risen to prominence. Many of the human Salongo/Ghad refugees from the war stayed and raised families in the city. When time had come to return to the homeland many people chose to stay. The rise of the city caused some political instability as both the newly formed Salongo and Ghadian Capitals vied for dominance in the region.

Tensions continue to mount between elf and human kind as as members of the Elite Druidic circles, during the siege of Calrunia, took spouses and offspring with human refugees. Their offspring now have hold claim to once secret Elven rights and traditions. Not wanting to give up all of their secrets to outsiders, The Druidic Elven Enclave planted a heart tree within the city limits. Allowing ther half-elven and human sympathizing people to worship and practice in peace, while keeping the better share of magical secrets for themselves.

Most of the Salongo refugees moved south across the sea with the help of the Faith’s Expeditionary fleet.