Roscoe Tealeaf


Rosco Tealeaf is still a young rascal at 26 years old. He stands 3.5 ft off the ground and might be 40lbs soaking wet. A halfling born in the forest, he has a tanned face and strong weathered hands. You will always find him wearing an unmistakable golden furred hat and he is never more than an arms length away from a bow.

Mr. Tealeaf has spent all of his life in the woods. His mother died when he was just a child and his father raised him on his own. He had a good father who made sure Roscoe knew right from wrong. He taught him to respect the forest and what was given to them. He wasn’t perfect, but he tried his best to love Roscoe enough to make up for his missing mother.

In the secluded forest, most of Roscoes friends were animals. Occasionally, his father’s friend’s and work associates would stop by the house. Roscoe was always loved these visits and would pester these guests, wanting to know more about their lives outside of the city. He was a curious young child who was always interested in the strange world he had never seen.

As soon as Roscoe became proficient with a bow, his father agreed to let him start joining his less dangerous excursions. His father was an excellent tracker and was often employed by city folks to help navigate through their forest and beyond.

While it was vast, the young halfling felt confined in the forest. His father was very protective and would only allow him to accompany him on the less exciting jobs that kept him in the familiar terrain. On his 25th birthday his father agreed that he would allow him to leave the forest if he could catch the notoriously elusive golden hare that lived there. This hare was well known by everyone that lived in and around the forest. It was presumed to be at least 20 years old and uncatchable by anyone who has tried. This task seemed particularly frustrating to Roscoe who he had spent most of his youth chasing this hare to no avail.

While his father left for a job, Roscoe decided to take a crack at catching this thing. After spending nearly 6 days tracking, hiding, and stalking this creature Roscoe had it in his sight. With one swift movement, Roscoe notched and loosed an arrow directly into the hare’s neck. It was a clean kill and Roscoe only spent a moment to admire its beauty before throwing it over his shoulder and heading back home. After he cleaned the animal, he decided to make a hat for his father with the golden fur.

Roscoe will tell you that the next day was the saddest day of his life. One of the men that hired his father returned to his house. He informed Roscoe that his father had been killed by an Orc ambush in the middle of the night. They were outnumbered and only 3 people from the party had managed to survive. This pain that he felt was like nothing he had ever felt before. He fell to his knees and barely able to speak, he asked this stranger to leave. Roscoe was alone and without direction.

This young man had never experienced such heartbreak and wasn’t sure how to move on but he knew that he couldn’t stay there. He had passed his father’s test and knew that he must leave this place in order to start his own life. He packed up his things, pulled his new hat over his head, and set off towards Calrunia.

Roscoe Tealeaf

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