Druid & Disorderly

We find our Adventurers recovering from long days in the catacombs at a tavern in Calrunia’s university district. Omzal busies himself at the games table. He lucks out and wins the pot much to the distain of a to-do young man. Falling just short of the obvious social tact, Omzal slips a coin into the young man’s hand. Predictably offended by the gesture, the man huffs and begins to speak his offense; just as predictably, Omzal cartwheels away from the confrontation. He wanders over to Hadari and Navaira’s* booth table to find the two silently brooding about their party’s choice of after-adventure venue. Meanwhile Jaquil sips quietly at the bar scoping out the place and noticing that the offended young man has a face sourly in need of slapping and probably a pocket ripe for picking.

Also at the bar, Sezim drinks like a fish. Once she is properly sloshed, Sezim recounts heavily biased tales of of her derisively monikered acquaintance ‘the blind-one’ to the bartender. The two strike up something of a rapport and the bartender offer’s her a story about the university’s headmistress gaining a new rabbit just as a rival scholar disappears.

As the tavern’s musicians change sets and the lack of lute music hushes the crowd, Jaquil’s ears prick. From the rooms above she hears the staccato tones of an argument. Moments later everyone in the tavern is startled by the sound of screams and a hard thump on the road outside. Just out the window there is woman laying akimbo on the road. Her eyes stare blankly into the gathering darkness of the evening.

Our druids join the panicked rush of people moving out of the tavern to further investigate. Jaquil moves smoothly to the top of the stairs to survey the ongoings there. Hadari, reluctant to entangle himself but seeing the crowd’s lack of direction and inclination to oooh and ahhh at the body of the woman outside, marches into the doorway and works to reestablish order. Omzal makes himself comfortable inside the tavern checking the quality of the various meals scattered across the tables.

Outside a shrouded figure appears from the end window of the tavern’s upper-story and tumbles gracefully unto the adjacent roof. The figures hastes away. Navaira races off in the figure’s direction with Sezim following a few paces behind clumsy with drink.

The figure dips and turns and tumbles from roof to roof with stunning agility. Navaira catches Sezim’s eyes and it is unspoken, though instantaneously clear, this hooded reprobate will not get away. The two run in tandem, steps synced. Sezim’s face begins swelter and blur, her body shudders wildly and when her eyes open after a long blink, she has eight rather than two. Her legs are long and hairy and she trips and rolls before she can stand in her giant spider form.

With a grace honed by adrenaline and sobriety Navaira jumps onto Sezim’s back and they give the figure chase. The figure looses an arrow, but its aim is fraught. Navaira draws her bow and pulls its loaded string taught for a long moment. The figure falters as the arrow punches through the flesh of its leg. Our druids stand a rooftop away from the figure whose hands now ignite with an unearthly glow. As their hearts pound with anticipation, the figure motions rapidly and vanishes.

The druids return to the tavern to the shock and dismay of people on the street. They to find that Jaquil and Hadari have made a thorough inventory of the body and the constabulary have arrived. Sezim returns to her half-elf form and promptly vomits up the pints of beer on the closest guard. Exasperated by the very nature of adventuring, the constabulary inform our Adventurers that until the crime is solved they are the main suspects.

The constabulary leave and the Adventurers reluctantly begin to unravel the murder. The fallen woman is of the wealthy merchant class, brunette, half elf, and was wearing some kind of weighty pendant before her death. The bartender divulges that the room from which the woman fell is often used for business amongst one of Calrunia’s crime syndicates. Our Adventurers find nothing of note in the room and decided to call it a day. Omzal is kind enough to share the room he rented at the tavern while the rest of the party was out.

*prev. referred to as Druid!Hermione



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